Billiards: Is It Gambling Or Just A Sport?

Nowadays, billiards has become a popular entertainment for both athletes and spectators. Many of them like to watch the skill of famous billiard players, especially since now the competition can be watched online or on sports TV channels. All over the world people take part in competitions in this sport. These persons are mostly individuals who are seriously into sports. Although you can meet others who are not strangers to get involved in gambling. But few people know that these two types of people are united by one thing in common - excitement.

In this article, we will discuss what excitement is, how it affects the game of billiards, and for greater clarity, we will analyze the example of a gambler playing on the Jet casino website. After receiving the information, you will understand how important this feeling is in achieving victory in a game like billiards.

The Concept of Excitement And Its Role in Billiards

Excitement is a rather specific emotional state of a person, under the influence of which he becomes overly provocative, involved, and excited, receiving a huge surge of positive energy due to an increase in the level of adrenaline and dopamine in his blood.

Excitement benefits:

  • The main purpose of such a state is to achieve a certain goal by a person, and therefore, among individuals prone to excitement, you can meet a considerable number of professional billiard players.
  • Excitement can bring considerable benefits to people who play billiards, if you learn to control it, acquire the ability to kindle this state in yourself at the right time, or, conversely, stop it in a timely manner.
  • This feeling has a positive effect on players who find themselves in a stressful situation, it helps them to mobilize and focus on overcoming the problem that has arisen on the billiard table.

The real danger is only destructive excitement, a state in the development of which a person can put all his savings at stake, or even risk his health or life, trusting in chance.

Reasons for Excitement 

Excitement is accompanied by an injection of the hormone dopamine into the blood, which causes a feeling of joy and satisfaction. It is also developed in a situation where a person finds himself in an ambiguous situation, where the gain or loss is uncertain, but the probability of winning still exists.

For example, when playing on , a person knows that the site is verified by independent experts and makes his first deposit. Fired up with excitement, they can double their money, but only if they control it correctly. As the game progresses, the gambler will be able to recharge with energy, throw out the negative and experience a lot of positive sensations that are directly related to such a state as excitement.


Excitement is inherent in every person to a certain extent - it can both help in achieving certain goals and cause a lot of problems. Without excitement, victories are impossible in billiards and in a casino, but only those who have put their passion under full control can use it for their own benefit. Then excitement turns into a powerful motivating force that helps a person achieve everything he has planned in the future. Start training this feeling and you will notice how your wins will grow in number.

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